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(Frequently Asked Questions)

This is the FAQ. Questions that will more than likely be asked by one of the many visitors that come to my humble utopia =) Well.. I hope this section is helpful to you, and remember you can always email me your questions or comments to (Subject to change because I am never satisfied with my email)

Why is my page not listed?

Your page might suck? oh sorry.. maybe another reason...

Mistakes in the URL.
You might have sent me the wrong URL. In the short time the page has been up this has already happened. Just make sure that I am getting the right URL to your page.

The URL was submitted via e-mail.
Here is something you might not know. When the submit form is sent, it goes to my email. I get flooded with emails just about everyday, and I usually get down to the fom submitted sites first. If you want me to get to your page faster.. please use the form =)

There is more...
Or you could have something like this...:

  • The images on the page are broken.
    (You might want to stick with JPG. or GIF.)

  • Broken links are also a bad thing.

  • The server is down.
    I hate when I go to a page only to see that it is not there. =)

  • The background makes the text hard to read

  • If your page has some problems.. I will put it into the UNDER CONSTRUCTION section, so you can fix those problems and still have people give you some advise on how your page is coming along. Until it can be re-submitted.

Well I hope that was helpful.. (it probably wasn't, but oh well) Keep coming to the page.. and if your question wasn't answered here ... TOO BAD!!! =) (Just contact me and I'll help you out..)
(Begin Cheese) And remember there is no such thing as GAME OVER in Zerotopia.. (End Cheese)

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